Passionate about filmmaking, Saptha Tharanga Creations Private Limited founded in 2021 as a media support, production, and distribution company has not only produced critical & commercial successes like Pulival Kalyanam, Panchavarnathatha, and Anakkallan, but is also all set to initiate a new unnamed project with a stellar star cast including Aju Varghese, Indrans and Sharaffudeen. Besides producing highly engaging and inspiring Malayalam Cinema, Saptha Tharanga Creations, is also an established name in film distribution, leasing of television studios & channels, as well as studios for editing, dubbing, and mixing.

Saptha Tharanga Creations travels with the film, from its conception to production and post-production, up until the project unravels as an entertaining and engaging cinematic experience. Besides film production and distribution, Saptha Tharanga Creations is also a media house in the business of program relaying for various genres of programs including entertainment, current affairs, news, lifestyle, education documentaries, movies, health, sports, and live programs, pan India and abroad.

SAPTHA THARANG CREATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, CIN: U22300KL2021PTC070918 a private limited company formed and registered under The Companies Act, 2021 and rules made thereunder on 14th September, 2021. Presently, company has an authorised capital of Rupees Five Crores, out of which an amount of Rupees One Crore already been subscribed by its members. The capital structure of the company involves the combination of equity as wells as debt, including convertible preference shares, non-convertible preference shares, redeemable preference shares etc.

  • Capital Structure
  • Equity Instruments
  • Debt Instruments
  • Equity Shares
  • Preference Shares: Convertible, Non-convertible, Redeemable